TTS MailfilterComplete protection from spam and viruses

The threats to an organisation’s communications infrastructure are ever growing: whilst the continuity of email is vital, viruses can cripple systems for days; spam email forces the ineffective use of staff time and the distribution of illegal or inappropriate content poses legal and commercial risks.

The solution

MailController is a fully managed email-filtering solution providing the highest level of comprehensive protection against spam and viruses. With MailController sitting outside your network, all spam and viruses are screened out at the Internet level and not downloaded to your network, ensuring your infrastructure is free from disruption and congestion. Mailcontroller also offers a Business Continuity service providing 'Always on' webmail, allowing users to send and receive email if their email server is destroyed.

The service requires no hardware or software expenditure, puts an end to in-house administrative costs and provides you with up-to-the-minute virus protection. The online customer management portal gives you the ability to set up, manage and control your mail in terms of configuring your spam policy, white list, black lists, delivery reports and quarantined email.

Key benefits

• low total cost of ownership
• Content Control
• quick and easy to set up
• Business Continuity - Always on webmail
• highest level of spam protection
• stops viruses before they reach your network
• blocks mailcious content
• retain full control
• fully managed service in real-time
• TLS Encryption
• LDAP integration

MailController ultimately saves you an investment in time and money but also ensures your email - and your business - is never interupted

How does it work ?

mailcontroller anti spam

A high performance service that intelligently identifies spam and blocks its delivery. The whole scanning process takes less than one second. Each message is analysed by different tests and receives an overall ‘spam score’. The score is compared against your defined threshold. Mail scoring below the threshold is delivered, whlist mail scoring above is quarantined as spam.

  • Highest detection rates, minimal false positives
  • ‘Self-tuning’ Adaptive Spam filtering technology
  • Per-domain and per-user configuration
  • Minimal helpdesk intervention

mailcontroller anti virus

The system provides complete protection from viruses and mailcious content hidden inside Internet email. Inbound and outbound email is scanned to ensure it is free from viruses. Any infected mail is automatically quarantined.

  • Combined protection from 2 commercial anti-virus engines (McAfee and Kaspersky) and MailController’s own scanning engine (Huntsman)
  • Huntsman’s heuristic capabilities detect viruses before new patches are even released
  • 24x7 updates and network monitoring

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