Internet Connectivity

TT Systems is able to provide the following types of internet connectivity.Internet

Business Broadband

Business grade broadband which is fast, robust and has built in resiliency to keep your business functioning no matter what.

Our Business grade broadband gives you:

Prioritised network traffic
The fastest broadband your line can support. Up to 24Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speed.
Free static IP addresses for hosting websites or email servers.
Next Business Day service level agreement
UK based Support


Businesses who need big bandwidth are turning to Ethernet for fast, future-proof connectivity.

Ethernet is:

Fast, with connections from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.
Cost effective. Because Ethernet is one single connection for all voice and data networks, you can consolidate your IT requirements in a cost effective way.
Available wherever you are. We have over 2,050 exchanges enabled, more than twice the reach of BT or C&W.
Scalable, in 10Mbps increments up to 100Mbps, and 100Mps increments up to 1Gbps it offers flexible capacity for future expansion and even better value.
Future proof. An all IP connection that works with your choice of interconnects.
A dedicated connection, with unlimited usage.
Reliable, and backed up by a 99.997% SLA.
Secure. Ideal for IPVPN and VoIP traffic on a private network.
91% of all our Ethernet customers have local access to an exchange which has been enabled. The closer you are to an enabled exchange, the lower the cost of your connection, so the network reach provides you with the best value.

Managed IPVPN

Our Managed IPVPN solution is specifically designed to deliver a secure, private WAN for your business sites with connection options ranging from basic broadband and ADSL to Annex M and high speed Ethernet.

Because our Managed IPVPN solution is built specifically for your business and is not delivered over the internet, you can be rest assured that data shared and applications accessed from site to site / remote workers will never leave your business domain because it is sent over your own private network. Even better, this solution prioritises your data traffic with Quality of Services (QoS).

Our Managed IPVPN gives you

Security - A secure, private networking on a resilient core MPLS network
Resilience - A range of access and resilience options to suit site specific requirements
Traffic Prioritisation - QoS with 3 classes of service for traffic differentiation
High Performance – A managed WAN solution and managed routers Migration
Reporting - Near real-time online performance reporting
Choice - A fully managed end-to-end solution

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