Cloud and Private Cloud


Cloud computing is one of the most talked about technologies available at present. It refers to services, offered either over the internet, or over secure network connections.  Resources, software and applications are provided by shared servers all over the world, collectively referred to as the “cloud”, rather than by local devices.

TT Systems have been providing customers with cloud solutions for a number of years. These solutions initially started out to provide home workers with the ability to access to the corporate network and run applications as if they were in the office. Slowly but surely these solutions have moved on to the point where we can now host a customer’s entire server infrastructure in a secure data centre.

On top of this we also provide part cloud, part infrastructure solutions to allow businesses to take advantage of some of the benefits of cloud computing. A typical example of this would be a hosted email solution.

We are also able to provide a private cloud solutions, this is where we can host elements of your server infrastructure and then build a private WAN connecting your sites together using basic ADSL or Ethernet high speed connections.

If you wish to speak to one of our cloud specialists please call us on 02380 651601.

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