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How to manually configure Outlook Anywhere when you are outside of the office

This blog is for those times when outlook auto discovery has not been setup.

In order to do this you will need the following information:

exchange server
URL of your Exchange proxy server:
(if you’re a TT Systems customer please call support for this information, otherwise please contact your administrator)

1. Goto Control Panel and click on Mail, the following screen should appear.

2. Click on show profiles and select add, enter a profile name (something related to the email account), click OK

3. Select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”

4. Select “Microsoft Exchange or compatible service”

5. Enter your exchange server and your username

6. Click on more settings then select the connection Tab, under outlook anywhere tick the box to select connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP

7. Click on Exchange Proxy Settings, under “use this URL to connect to my proxy server for exchange” enter the URL of your exchange proxy server and click on ok. On the Microsoft Exchange window click Apply and OK

8. You should now be back to the Add New Account Window, click on Check Name and you should be prompted for a username and password. Enter your username (in the format of domainname\username) and your password and click on OK. All being well the server name and your username will be underlined. Finally click Next and Finish
9. If you have other outlook profiles setup you may wish to set outlook to prompt you for a profile to be used when it starts up as below. If it is your only profile then click on OK.

10. Load outlook, enter your username and password and it should start syncing your emails.

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Install Kaspersky license manually - Business products only.

Note: This doc relates to the Kaspersky Workstation Business Product only.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus V6 MP4 installed on computer
License key (if you do not have this please contact your account manager for a copy, this will then be emailed to you)

Open the email containing the Kaspersky License Key, right click the attachment and select open, if you are prompted click open again.

On the explorer window that opens up, right click the file that ends in .key and select copy. Minimise all the open windows on your computer and move the mouse cursor to a blank area on your desktop then right click and select paste. This should copy the .key file to your desktop

Now load Kaspersky, this can be done by right clicking on the little red K and select Kaspersky Anti-Virus. On the left hand side click on license then click on Add/Delete or Activate (this will depend on whether or not your current license has expired)

On the Configuration Wizard that appears, select Activate using the Key file and click next

Click on the Browse option and browse to your desktop, the select the file ending .Key and click on open. The license details should appear on the screen. Click next

You should now receive confirmation that the license has been installed click on finish

Once Kaspersky is licensed again I would strongly recommend running an update, you can do this by right clicking the little red K in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and selecting Update.

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SBS Migration - Active Directory replication is taking longer than expected

Whilst migrating from SBS 2003 server to SBS 2011, I was receiving a message saying “Active Directory replication is taking longer than expected”. I clicked “Wait” a couple of times, but nothing was happening.

To try and find out what was going go; I pressed CTL-ALT-DELETE and loaded up task manager, then clicked on file selected run and entered "notepad.exe". Once notepad loaded I opened up the installation log (found in C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server) and saw that the section below kept being repeated in the logs:

Setup: DsGetDcName returned: 0
Setup: DsGetDcName returned name: sbs03.domain.local
Setup: Expected name: sbs08.domain.local
Task: There are 0 pending replication operations.
Setup: Attempting LDAP bind.
Setup: Bind successful
Task: Waiting for replication to finish

First of all, I made sure all the correct services were running on the source server:

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